Daily Report · August 4, 2021

Morning Pulse 04/08/21

  • Nifty came out of chakravyu of the range and blasted out of 16k. Closed at 16130. From here on we shall see bullish trend continuation.
  • BankNifty is lagging but we all know, it doesn’t take much for banknifty to recover.
  • US markets took a U-turn and closed close to their all time highs again.
  • Mortgage forbearance/eviction is extended till septmeber now. The order will expire on Oct. 3. And it was ordered by CDC(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). How the hell CDC has the authority to order moratorium on Rental issues.
  • So the upward march may continue. Sold puts from last support. Will ladder up if today also remain bulllish.
Beautiful Breakout
  • Will continue to sell Candle low strikes as not betting on large upmoves but rather slow march. Let’s see