Daily Report · July 13, 2021

Morning Pulse 13/07/21

  • SPX yet again closed as all time highs, market seems relentless unabated by any new virus variant or inflation concerns.
  • Our market however showing tricky behaviour probably due to low liquidity due to sebi new margin rules.
  • So it is still moving in the range which means straddles and strangles going to rule but preiums are dried out, so have to move with caution.
  • AAvas Financers, Spandana sphoorty, Mindtree and Tata metaliks will announce results today.
  • We shall now move on to result trades and some volatility induced by them.
  • CPI inflation came in line with expectations but it is less than expected.
  • CloudBurst scenes in Himachal however were scary. I also think market may fall much like cloud burst when it happens.
  • Will be selling PEs if it stays 35200.