Daily Report · September 15, 2021

Morning Pulse 15/09/21

  • Banknifty 35800-37200 strangle running very good, almost all premium is decayed. Will tighten the noose today.
  • Apple launched the new iPhone 13 and other “upgrades” yesterday and like every year no significant improvements and critics dashing negative reviews. But we know whats gonna happen, Apple gonna post double digit growth and everything will be hunky dory again.
  • China situation is getting stranger, they are now looking into EV companies after social, edtech and other tech companies. Looks like they are Iona rampage to deleverage all bad capital all in once. may be they are foreseeing tail risks we aren’t seeing.
  • Inflation however is not settling in. US and India inflation rates are at 5.3% which is not good and by estimates it will continue to grow at 4% rate for a few years if something is not done.
  • I am cautiously bullish now from full bullish.