Daily Report · August 16, 2021

Morning Pulse 16/08/21

  • Nifty Closed at all time highs on friday with most sectoral indices also closing strong.
  • US markets also closed marginally higher but bonds have been catching bids lately. Today morning bonds are already up huge.
  • China data has not come up to expecations and Asian markets are reacting negatively. SGX nifty is also slightly negative. We also may see a negative opening.
  • But the main event which is happening right now is Capture of Afganistan by Taliban. Absolutely horrible videos are being reported now. People are running in Kabul Airport to get flights to get out of Afghanistan.
  • US might have underestimated the reoccurence of taliban very badly. Within 24 hrs of US exit from Afganistan, Taliban has captured the Administartion. It looks like some dangerous political game is being played here.
  • Nevertheless, Markts doesn’t care about this, there is absolutely no reaction.
  • I had sold 35500 pe on friday, if we see a red day, i might sell 36500ce to form a strangle first before thinking to short naked.