Daily Report · August 18, 2021

Morning Pulse 18/08/21

  • Market took a sharp turn yesterday at 15:00, just 30 minutes before closing, so puts all got to dirt. Yay!
  • Nifty however remained strong and closed at all time highs again while banknifty lagged.
  • RBI lifted new cards ban on HDFC bank, so it might spike.
  • But now since all caps seems to have risen quite sharply only growth could take them higher. So now on individual stock action is going to be prominent.
  • Us markets also are on hinge coz of talks on tapering bond buying which looks unlikley due to new covid variants and lockdowns. Probably we’ll see actual talks in the early 2022 with tapering happening at late 2022.
  • Today is weekly expiry. I have already exited all positions. I’ll look for quick scalps only today.