Daily Report · August 24, 2021

Morning Pulse 24/08/21

  • SPX and Nasdaq both closed at all time highs yesterday. our markets were volatile but soon recovered.
  • Now that the Jackson Hole meeting is being held virtually, markets expecting Powell not to announce anything related to taper. Keep the charade going as long as possible.
  • Close above 35500 should trigger long boys to get in but right now there’s no confirmation if market would go up or down.
  • SmallCap and Midcap index is continuing its decline, as more and more twitter gurus telling to buy the blood.
  • Only after September we may get a clear picture.
  • Meanwhile Repo markets keep on making new record RRP figures going on above $1 tn dollars for a while.
  • Dollar index has paused its decline today morning so, we might not see rapid fast rallies now.
  • Selling puts below 35000